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Paws & Relax: A Pet Lover's Guide to Washington, NC

Welcome to Washington, North Carolina - a hidden gem where your furry friends are not just allowed but celebrated! Nestled in the heart of the East Coast, our quaint town is a paradise for pet lovers. And what better place to stay than our boutique hotel, designed with both you and your pet in mind. We understand that vacations are better with your best friend by your side, so we've tailored every aspect of your stay to be pet-friendly. Here’s your ultimate guide to enjoying Washington, NC, with your four-legged companion!

Tail-Wagging Treats at Main Cup

Begin your adventure with a visit to Main Cup downtown, where pup cups are the talk of the town. Watch your dog's eyes light up with joy as they lap up a delicious treat made just for them. It's a simple pleasure that will make your morning stroll through downtown unforgettable.

Explore the Trails at Goose Creek State Park

Next, venture to Goose Creek State Park, a haven for nature lovers and their pets. With miles of scenic trails and a beautiful public beach, it’s the perfect spot for you and your pup to explore the great outdoors. Don't forget to bring a camera - the natural beauty here is worth capturing!

A dog at Goose Creek State Park
A Lunch to Remember at Carryout by Chrislyn

For lunch, Carryout by Chrislyn is the place to be. Their charming front porch is a splendid spot to soak in the essence of downtown Washington. As you savor their delicious offerings, your dog will be treated to a bowl of water and a special treat. It's dining with a heart!

Playtime at Festival Park

Festival Park is a wonderful waterfront space where you can play fetch or simply relax with your dog. The open areas and welcoming atmosphere make it a great spot to unwind and bond with your pet.

Sunset Views at Pitt Street Brewing Company

As the day winds down, head over to the Pitt Street Brewing Company on the Pamlico. This pet-friendly brewery not only offers a great selection of craft beers but also treats for your dog. Imagine sipping on a refreshing brew while watching the sunset with your furry friend by your side - it's an experience you won't want to miss!

Our Hotel: Your Pet's Home Away from Home

After a day filled with delightful discoveries, return to the comforting embrace of our boutique hotel, where every detail is thoughtfully designed for you and your furry companion. Our commitment to making your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible shines through our pet-friendly amenities.

A dog at The Ell Hotel

Dog-Walking Services: For Your Peace of Mind Understanding that your travel plans might include activities where your beloved pet can't join, we offer the convenience of coordinating dog-walking services. Whether you're attending a local ECU football game or exploring areas not suitable for pets, rest assured that your furry friend will be in good hands. Our trusted dog-walking partners ensure your pet gets the exercise and attention they need, so you can enjoy your day worry-free.

Pet-Friendly Perks at Your Fingertips We also offer a dog leash connection on our charming front porch, allowing your pet to bask in the ambiance of our beautiful surroundings alongside you. For hassle-free care, we provide waste bags and a specialized bin for dog poo, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for all our guests.

Washington, NC, is more than just a destination; it's an experience, especially for those traveling with pets. At our hotel, we believe that your furry friends are part of the family, and we're dedicated to making your stay memorable. So pack your bags (and your pet's too!), and head to Washington, NC, for an unforgettable getaway. Paws up for adventure!

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